About Mid-Atlantic Robotics

Mid-Atlantic Robotics (MAR) is a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) exemption as a charitable organization. It was created in October 2010 with the encouragement of FIRST, Manchester, NH. Our mission is to promote and implement FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) programs for the benefit of all FRC teams in our region which spans all of Delaware, New Jersey and counties in Pennsylvania from Harrisburg eastward.

MAR operates according to Bylaws adopted following incorporation. Membership is open to any adult in the region who shares the interests of the organization. There is no fee associated with membership. The organization is led by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The 13 Directors serve staggered 3-year terms; each director is eligible to run for one additional term of office. The full Board convenes at least four times per year and elects an Executive Committee to manage the affairs of the Corporation between Board meetings. The Board has appointed operating committees to perform the many tasks needed to support FRC in the region. All members are welcome to attend MAR Board meetings to observe the proceedings.

MAR operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with FIRST that defines its relationship with FIRST. MAR raises funds from donors in the region, recruits and offers assistance to new teams, and plans and conducts FRC events in the region.